Marc Fleps

Narrative 3D Action-Adventure Platformer

Unreal Engine 4

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Fading Skies is an action-adventure platformer set in a unique high fantasy universe full of magic, mystery and quirky characters. The game is inspired by the joy of exploration and free movement found in 3D platforming classics and strives to take this genre into a new direction with immersive design and interactive storytelling.

You take on the role of Ryn and embark on a journey to stop the literal decay of her world, brought about by a mysterious dark tower that appeared inbetween the floating ruins of her home town. But to reach its top and put an end to the chaos, Ryn first has to acquire new abilities, overcome corrupted creatures, and confront her past to mend old friendships.


  • Fluid movement and combat
  • Unlockable and upgradable abilities
  • Colorful high fantasy world
  • Open environments for free exploration
  • Strong interactive story
  • Lovingly created and hand-animated creatures and characters
  • Immersive design (No HUD, no loading screens, no game over state, no manual saving/loading, et cetera)


Marc Fleps (Design, Art, "Programming")
My fate as a game developer was sealed all the way back in 2001 when I discovered the RPG Maker 2000. This simple game engine got me hooked on building worlds full of secrets and mysteries, bringing characters and stories to life, and creating game mechanics that always have a surprise in store. Working on these projects got me increasingly curious about why we are fascinated with games in the first place and led me deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of game design. I soon realized that the medium has plenty of potential beyond being a fun pastime and I thus set the goal for myself to create gaming experiences that are as entertaining as they are meaningful. After working in the games industry for three years as an animator and technical artist, I decided that my best shot at making this goal a reality is to enter the world of indie development. After teaching myself the ins and outs of Unreal Engine 4 in my spare time, I began prototyping Fading Skies in May 2016 and full-time development in January 2018. (@MarcFleps on Twitter)

Music by Andreas Scheffer



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